Web Cam Covers are better than the ubiquitous pen?
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Web Cam Covers are better than the ubiquitous pen?

02 February, 2021

For as long as I can remember, clients have continued to suprise us after events where they have been fed, watered, entertained and generally wow’d, by multiple forms of media by saying:
Those promotional pens went down an absolute storm you know? 
It’s as frustrating as it’s fantastic!

The WebCam Cover should take over this top billing, as in every dimension they are a far better reflection of your business and say so much more.

The pen that was so well recieved, often lives in a pot never to be seen again or is ‘borrowed’ by someone, usually when you put it down for a second, who has no interest in you, your company or what you do!

The Cam Cover sits pride of place, front and centre on your clients laptop or desktop and covers the video camera with the name of your business 24/7/365. The ones we are promoting can be printed 100% and come in a credit card sized pack with your message on the front and itting instructions on the reverse. (Both sides are a blank space so you can say what you like). 

I honestly think they are better than sliced bread and last much much longer. Get in touch today and your company Web Cam Cover could be on your clients computer in three weeks or less! Simple.

design@rtfacts.co.uk or call 01442 266 590 and talk to Rog or Em or join our community?

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