These are a few of my favourite things
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These are a few of my favourite things

02 February, 2021

Even proper design companies get to do some fun jobs at Christmas!

Rare to be given a free rein (deer? No it was cost effective).

This is internal comms at its best! 20 pages of fun and activity for the team’s little ones at Christmas. It’s a busy time so any opportunity to get the little blighters sat at a table doing something constructive, (making reindeer food) while we watch telly, is fantastic.

Nothing in it for the business other than goodwill and giving a bit back after another years hard work. It almost sounds too good to be true.

Internal magazines

Do you take keeping the team in the picture seriously, or is it something you pay lip-service to?

Virgin Media have given us work over the years that confirms an ongoing commitment to their people and the importance of getting everyone on the team on the same page. 

NExGen did this successfully for a very long time and because the content revealed the exceptional lengths people in the team were prepared to go to get the job done, the feel-good factor must have been enormous.

Getting a pat on the back as an individual is a great thing for a boss to do but when your team is made up of 00’s of people based all around the country this has to be the NExt best thing!

Bring them on. We love internal comms like this, printed or electronic turning pages.

01442 266 590 if you want to be NExt on our Christmas list.

Roger Payton
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