The power of print
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The power of print

02 February, 2021

I read today that mail order catalogues are back on the up?
Print never died for us, it simple became a smaller part of the overall process.

Newsletters used to be the most popular way to keep both teams and clients involved and we think they are still the most versatile and as valid today as they ever were. Add a tracked QR code for all the ‘calls to action’ and what used to be one way communication are now very informative.

What do people want and what do they respond to?

Polls are a great way to gain valuable market and reader information and most importantly –

rtfacts love creating newsletters.

If you’re thinking about a newsletter for your business let’s have a convo. 01442 266 590

Roger Payton
Head Honcho, Messiah, Guru, One of the team.
Worn out the T shirt sums up Mr P. We have never presented a problem or opportunity to his team that they haven’t fixed or remedied to our absolute satisfaction. No job too big or small and always with a great big smile. Highly recommended. TV. Head of Marketing
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