StartUP or UPstart?
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StartUP or UPstart?

02 February, 2021

StartUP or UPstart?

The reason I ask is, we all have a preconceived idea of who we are as people and what we want the companies we run to look like. There are billions of ‘me too’ businesses out there, but rtfacts love to work with people that wouldn’t start a business without the total conviction that their competitors will be shocked, alarmed, dismayed, and frankly petrified by what’s going on!

StartUP sort of suggest you can’t hit the ground running. You’re going to be playing catch-up with all those well established and superior competitor businesses and to be thought of as a peer, you will have to follow the rules, walk the walk and talk the talk!

Focus all your efforts on selling a product or a service or an idea into your market.

By contrast the UPstart business has no rules, follows no rules and breaks all the rules!

Everyone else in the space is playing football and the UPstart simply won’t play the game!

‘They might be your rules but they don’t apply to me because I’m playing business’.

Focus all your efforts on the competition (THE ENEMY), with products and/or services, attitude and approach, change everything.

So, here’s the issue and the opportunity for both StartUP and Upstart:

The status quo must be contested and beaten into submission, or you simply become the new noise trying to get heard in an incredibly noisy universe.

A feature, however brilliant is not enough to cause long term shock, alarm, dismay or fear.
If the only difference between you and your peers is a better product, a slicker service, quicker logistics and cheaper prices, It will be copied, counter attacked or commoditised quicker than you can say boo to a goose, and it’s then a race to the bottom…

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