Someone can always do it cheaper?
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Someone can always do it cheaper?

02 February, 2021

We can always DO IT cheaper, (and with a smile on our faces)!

but cheaper isn’t usually the best way to DO IT!

There are so many services this applies to, it’s tricky to think how best to make the point?

If we only talk about day to day products Toilet roll springs to mind?

The younger generation will probably be unaware, but those of us with a few years (and pounds/lbs) under our belts might remember school toilet roll?

Sure it was cheaper, but in terms of fit for purpose, I’m slippery sure it wasn’t!
I think it was best for tracing the lettering from gravestones on school trips! 


Paint is another great example – I always use the brand name and not the shed product. After one room with shed magnolia and another with the Dog brand, it was pretty clear that half the price but double the quantity was a false economy. After taking twice as long to apply and with poorer coverage I realised paint was on the ‘don’t do it cheaper’ list!

Car seats are also on my ‘pay top dollar’ list for obvious reasons.

So what was the question and what is the answer?

Can you do it cheaper?

Yes, we can and we won’t show you the door, but we may show you the horse picture even if it’s not a matter of life and death.

Get in touch for exceptionally fair prices and a can-do attitude to everything we do or at least follow the link and subscribe: Let’s talk!

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