Promoting my business responsibly
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Promoting my business responsibly

02 February, 2021

Clients often ask for promotional items that have been recycled or made from repurposed materials and that support their CSR strategy?

It all sounds a bit vainglorious but, it’s far easier than you’d imagine and there’s a tonne of products that are socially responsible & really useful. In 30 years we’ve done more pads than I care to mention and all of them FSC, responsibly sourced and recyclable.

We drink 1000,000,000 cups o tea every day in the UK so it makes sense to make cups from recycled/recyclable/reuseable/responsible materials?

Bamboo is really sustainable.

Coffee cups are a great example & becoming more and more popular with responsible businesses.

2.5 BILLION last year in the UK! And many were used once and then thrown away!

Include the lids and card grips and that’s a colossal waste mountain. If we said the average man and woman drink 2 coffees per day, giving them a re-useable coffee cup would seem to make great sense, both In terms of enjoyment of the drink (what could be more important), and the opportunities to see your brand.

We have some great promotional examples and offers. If coffee is important to your people, show them you care about the environment and show everyone they bump into, you care about them too.

The ubiquitous Pen is mightier than most every other item!

Cheap, useful and universally loved, there are few promotional items that provoke such a positive reaction and it never fails to amuse me the effort and time rtfacts put into creating really cutting edge and unique desk drops, to be rewarded with, “We loved the pens”.

They come in every size shape, colour and size and we can print in single colour to full 4 colour process. The pen example in the picture is made from recycled plastic bottles and says so on the barrel. We have delivered millions of pens over the years and nothing makes us happier than delivering products that are responsibly sourced and manufactured. Mores the pity that these are made in Italy and not the UK. Pens made from denim, tyres, money, newspapers all available!

Coasters sit nicely with the coffee and tea conversation and are now equally recyclable and sustainable.

Plastics have had a poor press recently with some justification. Recycling the raw material and making a useful desk item that prints beautifully has to make sense. I really think pubs and bars could do a great trade in recycled plastic coasters and rid themselves of the board versions that curl and peel when wet and are really only fit for purpose as who’s the toughest ‘Ninja little finger’ (I can do three coasters if you want a challenge), and I’d love to get my mates to have a go with the plastic ones! ha ha ha.

Responsibly sourcing your promotional items isn’t difficult and doesn’t cost more!

The product and print quality is easily as good and the ‘feel good’ factor as a result is way way better. Talk to rtfacts about all your promotional needs and that includes: #Pens, #pencils, #bags, #drinkware, #school & kids, #paper, #desk and office, #conference, #events, #lanyards, #house & home, #sweets, #confectionery #health and fitness, #seeds & flowers.

Call 01442 266 590 today and start the responsible revolution! Or lets just talk!

Roger Payton
Head Honcho, Messiah, Guru, One of the team.
Worn out the T shirt sums up Mr P. We have never presented a problem or opportunity to his team that they haven’t fixed or remedied to our absolute satisfaction. No job too big or small and always with a great big smile. Highly recommended. TV. Head of Marketing
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