From nothing to WWWebsite in JUST 30 days!
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From nothing to WWWebsite in JUST 30 days!

02 February, 2021

If you’re a start up and you want a new website quickly prepare to be shocked. Go to any self respecting Web Agency and they will probably tell you it will take 3 Months from brief to go live!

Well, we are a self respecting design for web and print Agency and we’ve been around the block, so we know what we are on about, but a Month is doable if you have all your ducks in a row.

This site was ready to be populated by the client in 3 weeks and the client (with a little help) did the rest. Pretty impressive and shows what’s possible so aim high, even if you do need to be live in a jiffy!
The client said:  And she is happy to talk to you;

“The team were incredibly responsive, understood our needs and came back with a solution that worked. Fast, effective and within our budget.  They were always available when I needed some help so the project never felt like it was running away from me.  Rather, they had it all under control.  A great feeling when you’re working fast. And the product speaks for itself.  We’ve got a solution that we can manage, and continue to improve upon.“

If you want some, talk to Roger today 07831 7000 81 and if you want to talk to a client or two we can arrange that too.

While we are building your site get yourself ready to get the best DIY traffic. 

We run courses all the time and would love to squeeze you onto one, where you will learn the following:

Social Media 

  • Why are you doing it?
  • Who are you talking to?
  • Which platform should you use?
  • What should you say?
  • When should you say it?
  • How do you measure it?

We talk about the importance of keywords, images & video and look at the similarities/differences on the big four platforms:
Linked In, Twitter, Facebook/Instagram and You Tube and create a week plan with benchmarks to monitor.

Google Analytics 

  • Install the code and start tracking data
  • Understand the terminology
  • Set up filters & dashboards
  • Create KPIs for future benchmarking
  • Create audience, Acquisition, Behaviour & Conversion Reports
  • See where visitors are coming from and what devices they’re using
  • Discover which websites are linking to and referring visitors to yours
  • Track key events with goals & funnels
  • See visitor’s journey and draw meaningful conclusions


  • Want to get the best out of Google organically?  
  • Why Google is the only real game in town
  • SEO in plain English that even my Nan understands
  • Free tools that you really need to know about
  • Your website is your voice online, what is it saying?
  • The impact you can make on and off the page for free
Roger Payton
Head Honcho, Messiah, Guru, One of the team.
Worn out the T shirt sums up Mr P. We have never presented a problem or opportunity to his team that they haven’t fixed or remedied to our absolute satisfaction. No job too big or small and always with a great big smile. Highly recommended. TV. Head of Marketing
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