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02 February, 2021

Be the Best has been synonymous with the ARMY for as long as I can remember. 

There are many companies with slogans that really could do with looking at, (not because they are not PC or Inclusive), but because they are rubbish and don’t reflect their businesses in any way but, BE THE BEST sort of sums up the ARMY and needs no attention in my humble.

I have shown a couple of example below to illustrate why our countries ARMY slogan should never be made more politically correct and Inclusive and why it must always be supporting the notion that the best is the least the ARMY will accept?





If that’s OK with you guys?


I was in the Fleet Air Arm aged 16.5 years and from that early age was told that we didn’t like the crabs, the pongos, bootnecks, or the smellies for that matter but, that was simply Forces banter. When push came to shove all the Forces combined into a well-oiled machine ready for anything. 

My Brother always tells people I was attracted to the Navy because of their slogan – Join the NAVY Feel a Man (pre homophobia and no idea what a PC was frankly), but If that made you laugh fair dinkum! 

I’m bound to say – If you wish for peace – prepare for war so

Keep the ARMY slogan!

Is it elitist? YES – That’s exactly the point! We should all want our ARMY to ‘be the best’, I for one hope they don’t dumb it down.

The caps in the top image we did for our friend Loucas Davenport (Dave to his ARMY friends), and I’m still proud to wear mine.

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That’s me at the start of the ramp! Invincible and the first Sea Harriers. And just hanging about!

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