Advantages of a Google Remarketing Campaign
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Advantages of a Google Remarketing Campaign

02 February, 2021

We’ve already talked about how to create a successful website, but sometimes driving traffic to a well planned out website, won’t always give you the conversion rates you’re looking for. Some visitors… actually let’s be honest MOST visitors need a little persuasion before making a decision to buy into your services/products.

Repetition is key in creating higher conversion rates. Most marketers know that consumers need to see an advert more than once before they decide to make a purchase, some say even several times. This is why Remarketing ads have proven to be so successful

How does Remarketing work?

Remarketing ads, also known as retargeting ads, allow you to display adverts targeted specifically at people who have already visited your website, and engaged with your product. The remarketing ads that rtfacts create are displayed on a vast array of websites, allowing you to reach visitors who have browsed away from your site, and reminding them why they should come back. We can also tailor your ad based on whether they have:

–    briefly visited your website
–    viewed a specific product
–    didn’t complete the checkout process
–    purchased a product from your site
–    visited your download page but didn’t download a product.

What are the Key benefits of Remarketing?

1.    Google’s display network gives you great exposure

Google’s display network reaches 90% of internet users globally, and covers partner sites across the web such as Youtube, FT, Wired, and Mumsnet

2.    Brand awareness

Remarketing is a hugely useful and cost effective form of advertising to create brand awareness. The more consumers become familiar with your brand, the more likely it is they will come to your website the next time they decide to purchase a product/service you provide. Putting your brand in the back of their mind when they are shopping is hugely powerful and the numbers can be staggering.

3.    Targeting a specific audience

As mentioned above, you can target a particular audience depending on their browsing behaviour on your website. For example, if a particular product was viewed or added to their basket but was not purchased, an advert for that product can be displayed when the visitor is browsing another site prompting them to return and make that purchase! Initially rtfacts will show ads to all visitors and then we can refine by age and gender. Having this kind of flexibility makes it a powerful marketing tool. We don’t run the campaign like other agencies – where it feels like Big Brother stalking – we agree how many times to show the ad to users and often what timescale.

4.    Higher conversion rates

This kind of targeting creates higher conversion rates for your advertising campaigns. Someone who has already shown interest in your products/services is more likely to click on your ad and make a purchase. Also the more your brand is recognised the more chance there is of people trusting you and returning to make a future purchase.

5.    Lower costs per sale

Having a higher conversion rate and a faster return on your investment, reduces the overall advertising cost per conversion.

6.    Budget control

With Google remarketing ads you can control your budget and reporting tools. It allows you to view which sites in the Google Display Network have the better success rates giving you more flexibility with costs and messaging. An asset that is certainly helpful in making cost effective decisions for your campaign.

Just some of our remarketing work:

rtfacts have created a number of remarketing campaigns for clients with pretty impressive results. The average engagement rate for most UK websites is 2%, retargeting allows you to keep the interest of the other 98% of your visitors. Compared to the average display advertising CTR (click through rate) of .05 – 0.1% our retargeting campaigns are usually around 0.25%. Meanwhile the conversion rate for many of our clients went from 2% – 5% and on occasion up to 10% especially when we use dynamic creatives.

Client: Basho

Client: Putteridge Bury

Client: Young Education

Our retargeting clients include fashion, software, travel, training, education, legal, health, automotive, events and IT.
Please be aware that some websites are not permitted to run remarketing i.e. medical, divorce, adult services, political, religious, negative financial status, medical information.

If you want to know more about remarketing and how you can benefit from it, get in touch today.

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