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rtfacts design websites for great Local Businesses!
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rtfacts design websites for great Local Businesses!

02 February, 2021

When it comes to which company is best suited to design your website?
You’ll hear all the best baloney from the people in the design for print and web industry!

‘Distance is no object’ (if you’re a long way away) and ‘local is always better­­­­’ (If you’re just around the corner). The honest truth is, rtfacts prefer to be close so we can meet face to face, collaborate, press the flesh, react quickly and professionally. We have worked with the World Bank in Washington and businesses in New Zealand to Tiverton very successfully, but time difference and distance are always a barrier.

In the case of World Bank, they wanted to work with Linda so much, they were prepared to put up with the hassle, but these days I think most sizeable businesses couldn’t operate efficiently that way. From an account management point of view, it means long phone calls while the client is fresh and awake, when you should be having tea with the kids or out with your mates or going to bed!

Our preference is for clients within a 50-mile radius of us as Hemel is accessible from all directions and has great rail connections. London is an obvious target and costs are significantly less out in the ‘burbs if you take the 28-minute ride from Euston on the train.

These local companies chose to work with rtfacts and allowed us to create web sites that will stand the test of time.

These not local companies also decided rtfacts was the best option

rtfacts produced design for print and web for BT for 13 years which meant all sorts of travel to various locations, but Global Network Services (our biggest ever client) operated from Hemel and Leavesden so for most of that time it was a 10 minute trip – BLISS.

If you’re not local, but still keen to work with rtfacts, our commitment is to make it work.

If you are local, pop in for a cuppa or a quick chat.

Or for a proper meeting please call 01442 266 590 or eMail

And ask for Roger, Tony or Emma.

Head Honcho, Messiah, Guru, One of the team.
Worn out the T shirt sums up Mr P. We have never presented a problem or opportunity to his team that they haven’t fixed or remedied to our absolute satisfaction. No job too big or small and always with a great big smile. Highly recommended. TV. Head of Marketing