1. 1969 Old Town Face Lift Aka Hemel Hempstead New Town
    This video was a treat to watch, seeing as we're located right on the High Street of the Old Town in Hemel Hempstead. It's nice to see not a lot has changed apart from the cars!
  2. Hollard - Sleeping Billboards - 2015
    Another company we have never heard of, but one that wants to stand out from the crowd. I wasn't particularly struck but its a top ten, so fortunate I wasn't a judge - ha ha.
  3. THINK! - Country Roads: Helpful Hazards
    Everyone's a designer these days. Farmers doing our job - whatever next?
  4. Australia Day Lamb - Operation Boomerang
    Campaign Advert by Australian Company - We Love Our Lamb. Wonder how many extra Lamb chops were sold in Australia due to this campaign? That’s some stats we'd love to see.
  5. Kaya Painless - Epilation and marketing
    Outdoor, in your face, on the shop floor! This is a great example of a promotion driving responce - in this case about 100% increase in web traffic - Smooth!
  6. Vodafone Privacy Book – Explained
    rtfacts created the 'privacy book' for Vodafone. Apart from this being a very exciting job to work on, there was one very clear goal. Everyone at Vodafone needs to know the importance of correctly establishing someones identity and only giving them the information they are entitled to.
  7. Vodafone Privacy Book – In The Making
    Take a look at our time lapse video showing how the privacy book is put together.
  8. Rolls Royce, Ghost Black (Liquid Consultant) from David Lund on Vimeo
    When it comes to budget - BIG is diefinately better! We also love the music which sits brilliantly within the video. Back to work, I need to buy me that #rtfactsRolls